Canadian Rifle Championships follows NRA Long Range in Ohio.

Riding on a Long Range High Power Rifle high after the NRA Championships, we go from the range in Ohio to the one up in Ottawa. That’s where you’ll find a number of those same NRA Rifle competitors taking the field in the 130th Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championships.

Sure, reporting on Canada from Washington, DC does present a few challenges, but we’re reaching out to those there on the ground in hopes of receiving a few ‘man on the range’ reports. Until then, it appears that some of those who made a statement with their rifles at NRA Long Range are making statements statements again at the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa, Ontario. That’s especially true for David Calvert of the Great Britain Rifle team who appears to have snagged yet another first day victory.

One thing to remember about the scoring … most international shots have a maximum value of 5 with the V signifying what we normally here in the states refer to as an X. With that said, here are the “Preliminary Listings” for the Ottawa Regiment match.

Ottawa Regiment Rifle Match — TR
Place Competitor Score
1       David Calvert 75v12
2       Justin Hearn 75v11
3       Des Vamplew 75v9
4       Jon Underwood 75v8
5       John Deane 75v6
Ottawa Regiment Rifle Match — F-Class – F/O
Place Competitor Score
1       Alexander Tklitch 75v7
2       Marius Dechamplain 74v9
3       Brude Condie 74v5
4       Barry Price 73v8
5       Charles Clark 72v4
Ottawa Regiment Rifle Match — F-Class – F/F
Place Competitor Score
1       Kevin Chou 74v10
2       Bill Watts 74v8
3       Andrew Webber 74v5
4       Brian Mylleville 74v4
5       Darcy Spenst 74v2

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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