Get ready for more wild adventures this Sunday evening at 8:30pm EST, on the Outdoor Channel with Wildgame Nation.

“This week Matt is headed to Montana, to Jackie Bushman’s place to hunt some of the largest whitetails in the country. Poor Big Bill is stuck in Wyoming by himself and has to run the camera and hunt all in one. Ryan is back at the office, as usual, getting work done. Who will get a monster buck this week?”

Wildgame Nation is not your typical hunting show… it’s a reality show that is about a real American family, running a real American company, chasing real American wild game… while trying not to kill each other in the process. It’s funny, it’s painful, and it’s REALITY… Watch the good, bad, and the ugly every week!  Catch a glimpse of the happenings inside an outdoor business and see the highs, lows, ups and downs of a real Wildgame Nation, exclusively on the Outdoor Channel Sundays at 8:30pm, Mondays at 1:30am and Fridays at 4:00pm.

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Image courtesy Wildgame Nation

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