Brothers Chris and Casey Keefer Are Once Again “Dropped” in a Remote Location for a Real-Life Survival Expedition 

Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, has given the greenlight to start filming season two of its highly acclaimed and popular series, Dropped: Project X.  The criteria remains the same—30 days with a mission to accomplish —but the location has changed as brothers Chris and Casey Keefer were dropped this past weekend in a unforgiving, rugged landscape where they will have to pit their skills as hunters, woodsmen and anglers in a true survival expedition. The location remains a secret…. for now.

A Sportsman Channel original series produced in conjunction with Rusted Rooster Media, the brother’s 30-day adventure is being documented to air exclusively on Sportsman Channel this January. “We are extremely excited to bring back Dropped: Project X for a second season as it was a fan-favorite and programming that excites, engages and entertains our viewers across many platforms from TV to digital to social media,” said Graig Hale, VP Business Development, Sportsman Channel. “Sportsman Channel continues to deliver unique concepts while staying true to what our viewers demand.”

Executives hinted at an upcoming consumer social media promotion to include exclusive content from the Keefers and give fans the opportunity to win prizes. Full details of the promotion are expected to be released in September.

In its inaugural season last year, the Keefers were dropped in a remote part of Alaska in Dropped: Project Alaska for 30 days with no provisions and only 100 pounds of gear for each of them. The brothers floated more than 100 river miles and survived despite many hair-raising and adventurous situations.

This time around, the Keefers will begin their journey with only 50 pounds of gear on each of them and they will have limited rations. Like last season, all their gear is for catching or killing their food and then preparing it.  The brothers will attempt to spot and stalk numerous big game animals, plus, their mission gives them an opportunity for a slam.

“We are traveling farther than we did in season one,” said Casey Keefer. “Although we are taking less gear with us this time around, there is a reason for that, but we aren’t going to reveal it just yet as it might give away the location and our mission.”

“The one thing we heard the most from our fans last year is that they enjoyed the realism of the Alaskan hunt. We will again show the highs and lows of being in a remote location. Many aren’t able to pull off a hunt like this, so we just have to go after it and get it for our fans,” said Chris Keefer.

Logo courtesy Sportsman Channel

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