The opening of archery season for deer is around the corner nationwide and in some cases has already begun. Jim & Trav and guests discuss hunting this early season and offer tips and tactics for scouting, spot and stalk hunting and so much more! You’ll also hear from Fred Diaz, President & CEO of RAM Trucks on the unveiling of new features in the new 2013 RAM 1500.

RAM Trucks – 2013 RAM 1500

Fred Diaz, President and CEO of RAM Trucks is on The Revolution this week and he’ll be unveiling a laundry list of great new features that the new 2013 Ram 1500 is equipped with. Tune in to this week’s show to find out what RAM has in store! He’ll also fill us in on the latest with the 2012 Road to the Ram Jam Sweepstakes, an invitation-only concert event that you can enter to win!

IMB Outfitters – Early Season Scouting Tips

Archery season is just around the corner, and in some states the season has already begun. Darrin Bradley with IMB Outfitters talks with Jim and Trav this week about some early season scouting tips and how to find the monster bucks early. IMB Outfitters is a premier whitetail outfitter in the Midwest, offering hunting opportunities in Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Kansas and Missouri.

Chris Denham – Spot and Stalk Hunting

Chris Denham is the editor of Western Hunter Magazine and this week he joins Jim and Trav to talk about spot and stalk hunting, and why when done effectively you can a lot of times take bigger game than you can from a stand.

Cryptorchid Bucks

Joe Hamilton with QDMA stops in to talk with the boys about Cryptorchidism in deer and how this condition can lead to very different behavioral patterns than “normal” bucks and also the unique racks that this condition can produce.


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