Outshooting competition, Jack Odor has NRA title within reach.

Raton, New Mexico – On the outset of this year’s Black Powder Target Rife Prone Championship, shooters across the board were posting outstanding scores thanks to great conditions.

A couple competitors even managed to shoot themselves into the National Recordbook. Jim Kidwell became co-owner of the scoped 300 yards record, tying Terry Gazaway’s 100-4x. Marisa Moritz actually broke a record – her own, by one point – for a 30-shot match at 200, 300 and 600 yards by a woman, firing a 285-5x.

In the Prone Championship race, Jack Odor currently stands in the lead with 292-7x, holding two points over Michael Rix’s 290-12x. The Position champion, Chip Mate, is fourth with a 289-11x.

The weather took a turn for the worse later in the afternoon. The match narrowly dodged a large thunderstorm when it got to 600 yards, but was affected by tremendous gusts of wind. Large clouds of dust were crossing the range and the wind flags were being pulled taught on their poles.

“I crossfired a 10 on my last shot,” Kenny Wasserburger frustratingly joked. “I could have had a 94!”

Although not usually as bad, that is standard afternoon weather. Unfortunately for the shooters, they had just moved all the way back to 600 yards when they had to deal with it.

Today is the Prone Championship’s final day. Thirty more shots divided evenly over 200, 300 and 600 yards. Tomorrow starts the Creedmoor Championship when shooters will move back even further for some long range shooting at 800, 900 and 1,000 yards.

We’re looking forward to another day of shooting and are being joined by a special guest, but more on that later…

Black Powder Mid-Range Prone Championship
1      Jack Odor292-7x
2      Michael Rix290-12x
3      Mark Hipes290-10x
4      Chip Mate289-11x
5      Terry York289-8x

Images courtesy NRA Blog

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