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It’s not every day Brian “Pig Man” Quaca and Ted Nugent join forces to harvest hogs – However; this episode of Pig Man: The Series is MUST watch TV. Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American sportsman, is unleashing one of its most impactful and unique hog hunts in outdoor television with two GIANT personalities! Pig Man and Nugent not only use the platform to educate the dangers of feral pigs, but also produce an impressive harvest by saving hundreds of acres of farm fields. Pig Man: The Series promises to inform and entertain on Sunday, August 26 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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Texas law states ‘sport hunting’ from an aircraft for feral hogs or coyotes is a violation of both state and federal law. Producers and everyone involved in this unforgettable episode make it very clear this is NOT ‘sport hunting’ but rather a depredation hog hunt to help landowners control the populations of feral hogs. This means private hunters are allowed by the State of Texas to pay for the right to harvest feral hogs from an aircraft.

“Feral hogs were once largely a rural or agricultural issue in Texas, inflicting over $52 million in damage annually,” said Dr. Billy Higginbotham, AgriLife Extension wildlife specialist. “But the porkers have literally moved to town and are now causing significant damage in urban and suburban communities. This damage includes the rooting of landscapes, parks, lawns, golf courses sports fields and even cemeteries, as they search for food. Some reports estimate total damage in the U.S. may be $1.5 billion annually which is based on population estimates.”

This particular hunt is a first for Pig Man, which means he is properly instructed on different types of arms and ways to harvest pigs before the hog harvest. The hogs are plentiful and the team has no problems eradicating large numbers of hogs.

“Pig hunting from the aircraft with Ted Nugent is something I’ll never forget, said Brian “Pig Man” Quaca, Host of Pig Man: the Series. “Our purpose is to simply assist the landowners by eradicating large numbers of hogs to help protect their valuable crops. Ariel depredation pig hunts in Texas are highly regulated and the pilots do not take chances. They are strategic and have a full understanding of what they are trying to accomplish.

Feral hogs are smart and opportunistic omnivores, meaning they feed on plant and animal matter in addition to being able to play the role of a scavenger. They are largely indiscriminant in their feeding habits and eat both vertebrate and invertebrate animals. Approximately 85% of their diet is believed to be composed of vegetation (including crops where available).

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