Fair warning: nobody was hurt in the following video, even though no one obeyed the number one rule when observing wildlife – do not approach the animals.

In this case, a young boy of about 11 or 12 was singled out from among a crowd of curious adolescent visitors and chased for a few seconds. He was lucky he didn’t slip and fall or we wouldn’t be showing you this video.

If you’re really curious what a large, wild beast looks like up close, we recommend using a camera or binoculars.

Image from Hayden (H Dragon) on the flickr Creative Commons

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8 thoughts on “Video: Bison Chases Child Who Gets Too Close for Comfort

  1. The Japanese father wouldnt have thought it was so funny if his kid was stomped or gored to death. Probably would have been a rare Darwin award for a Japanese person.

  2. And that folks is the people we don’t need reproducing. “He’s nice he’s nice, see him gesturing” DUH. That meant your already aggravating me kid I am warning you!
    “Pat him on the head as he goes by” that’s just crazy.
    “We put him in da car and take him back to da Asia!”
    That kid is very lucky he wasn’t killed!

  3. “Stupid is as stupid does”! That didn’t appear to a monster herd bull, but he could have easily removed a couple of those kids or the adults with nary a problem. You might be right about the Darwin Award nomination.

  4. I don’t blame the kids (what kid wouldn’t want to see an animal up close), but their parents don’t have any common sense. Glad no one was hurt.

  5. It’s morons like these people that should not partake in the outdoors. If any of these children were hurt or killed what is the first thing that would happen? The animal would be needlessly slaughtered for simply doing what it has been genetically programed to do. And what would the parents do? Sue the national park service and burden all of us who truly enjoy outdoors responsibly. This is just irresponsible. Lifetime bans for all parties involved in shooting this video from our national parks.

  6. That one adult thought it was funny , only it wouldn’t have been so funny if that bison had caught that little kid and trampled him to death. Do they not understand what WILD means in wild animal ? They probably feed bears too.

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