NRA’s Competitive Shooting Director takes to the firing line.

Raton, New Mexico – Dennis Willing thought he was only coming to observe. As NRA’s new Director of Competitive Shooting, why else would he be out at New Mexico’s Whittington Center during the NRA’s oldest discipline. Little did he know what awaited him upon arrival.

After pulling in through the front gate, Willing learned that Match Director Jonathan Leighton took it upon himself to enter the boss into this year’s Creedmore championships. Secured was a a place on the squad, a rifle, ammunition, and the hope that there’d still be a job once the match was complete.

“If he’s coming here to check out the match, what better way to understand things from the competitors’ side than to shoot with them?” Leighton said.

Willing was more than happy for a chance to get some shooting in when he arrived, although he hadn’t shot 1,000 yards in about 20 years.

So how’s he doing? The Creedmoor match is fired at distances of 800, 900 and 1,000 yards; 10 shots apiece for two days. In Creedmoor’s first day, Willing hasn’t done too bad. An 87 at 800 yards and a 70 at 900.

“I came in with no expectations,” Dennis joked. “I’m just trying to stay on paper. And I did at 900.”

With day one wrapping up, we’ll soon find out who our leaders are and where Willing stands.

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