Be part of NRA’s Tactical Police Competition in New Mexico.

Fairfax, Virginia – One of the more popular events wrapped around the NRA’s National Police Shooting Championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico is their Tactical Police Competition. The Tactical Competitions, also known as TPCs, tests law enforcement officers in a handful of stress filled, time sensitive scenarios. Certain courses, like those created for this July’s Fairfax TPC (pics above and below), are even based on a real-life encounters.

And with sponsors that include FNH-USA, SIG SAUER, SOG Knives and Lauer Custom Weaponry-DuraCoat, there’s bound to be a few items on the prize table that even YOU would like to take home. Only way to do that is enter.

If you’d like to enter NRA’s 2012 New Mexico Tactical Police Competition, then go to their website and sign up now. Starting on Saturday, September 15th, a few hundred officers will make their way through the obstacles constructed throughout the Shooting Range Park right outside of Albuquerque. Once everyone makes it through (usually around 6pm on Sunday), we’ll wrap things up on Sunday with a quick awards ceremony, rifle raffles and goodies giveaway.

There are two great things about taking part in an NRA TPC. First … everyone gets a prize. You finish first, you finish last, odds are you’re going to walk away with something at least as valuable as the entry fee. Second … training.

Trigger time is training time. Whether you’re on the range or running through an obstacle course, the more time you have behind the trigger means the more you’ll be prepared should you ever be placed in a life threatening situation.

Some come on out to the Tactical … you never go home empty handed.

Images courtesy NRA Blog

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