Shooter and sponsor wins NRA’s oldest discipline for fifth time.

Raton, New Mexico – After a two days of tough shooting conditions at the NRA Whittington Center, Dave Gullo received his fifth Castle Trophy after winning the Creedmoor Championship with a score of 533-10x out of a possible 600.

Gullo finished the first day of the championship – its half way point – in second, trailing Rick Moritz by just one point. His time in second place was not long though, as Gullo leaped Moritz at the 800 yard relay to begin the final day. From that point on, Gullo didn’t look back.

And neither did his partner John Venhous. The team of shooters who spotted for one another took the second day by storm, shooting matching scores at both 800 and 900 yards to take the top two spots. It was only at 1,000 yards when Gullo pulled away, firing a 82-1x to Venhous’ 75.

Venhous would hold on to second with a 519-4x and win High Spotter alongside Gullo for his role in the champion’s exceptional shooting.

Last year’s Creedmoor champion, Keith “Doc” Lay, finished third after a hard-fought defense of his title, shooting a 510-5x.

Creedmoor Championship
1      Dave Gullo533-10x
2      John Venhous519-4x
3      Keith Lay510-5x
4      Bryan Youngberg498-5x
5      Rick Moritz491-11x

Gullo was not done winning yet and still had one more award to receive. Of the competitors who shoot in all of the NRA Black Powder Target Rifle matches, Position, Prone and Creedmoor, the shooter with the highest overall score is awarded the medal of Iron Man.

Gullo, posting a 526-3x in Positon, 574-17x in Prone and his 533-10x in Creedmoor became the 2012 Iron Man with a total of 1633-30x – 15 points ahead of second place’s Doc Lay.

An Iron Woman award is also given to the highest female shooter across all matches and this year’s winner was Kelly McNitt, who shot a 1438-11x.

Iron Man
1      Dave Gullo1633-30x
2      Keith Lay1618-21x
3      Rick Moritz1609-35x
4      John Venhous1563-26x
5      Jack Odor1554-24x

Congratulations to this year’s champions and thank you to all the competitors who came out. We’ll see you in September for next year’s NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Championships.

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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