In order to reduce the population of car accident-causing deer in the town of Solon, Ohio, officials hired sharpshooters to cull 300 deer. The sharpshooting program, managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, cost the city $183,353 by the time all was said and done.

That comes out to $611.18 to shoot one deer. That figure was determined by David Hromco, a former Solon official who worked part time on the program. He evaluated the program to see how it will go in future years and published his calculations in a summary report of the program.

The costs were as follows:

USDA Cost$103,000
Meat transportation and processing$19,253
Police overtime fees$40,547
City personnel overtime for site monitoring and baiting$8,602
Direct city costs for bait, site work and administration$11,951
Total Cost$183,353

For a stretch of two months between February and March, culling operations were conducted by the USDA’s Division of Wildlife working from mostly private property and some city-owned parcels of land.

The program went through flawlessly and there were no issues at shooting sites, although many residents raised issues with the culling of the deer. Many residents tried to stop the deer cull through a ballot measure that would make it illegal to “knowingly cull, hunt, kill, injure or torture a deer in Solon,” according to the Solon Patch.

Part of the funds went toward processing the meat and delivering donations to local hunger shelters.

Image from Eric Hunn on the flickr Creative Commons

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7 thoughts on “Ohio Town’s Deer Culling Program Cost $611 per Animal

  1. I live in the general area in Ohio-and I can tell you that I would never live in a city that allows deer hunting in residential areas. There are more deer in other communities yet, this is the only city that does this-the real reason? There are a lot of people with money and when they build their big homes and take the habitat away from the deer-of course they “support” local politicians who back this. You can read what you want into what I mean.

    1. How about if you got one thru your windshield? I bet you would change your tune. These deer cause damage to life, property, & mental anguish. I hope you never get a deer thru your windshield by the way because it is a baaaaad thing.

      I would have proposed a bow hunters lottery where the city could have charged for the privilege to shoot in an “off season”. I would live there in a heart beat.

    2. Then please move from our great state. I hear the tree huggers in California don’t allow deer reduction. Again please pack up and get out!!

  2. Ridiculous. To spend that kind of money when hunters would have volunteered to accomplish the same results for free. As a matter of fact, they would have PAID for the privilege, in the form of licenses and permits. As for Terry, do you live in a town that allows pest control companies?

  3. Agreed, this should have been fully managed by Ohio Division of Wildlife and opened up to bowhunters. This would have resulted in little cost to the town (I’m assuming there would still be some cost for the impact studies), and more money in the coffers of Ohio Division of Wildlife from the sale of licenses and tags.

  4. Gettysburg National Park in PA banned deer hunting several years ago and after two years it was no longer safe to drive a motor vehicle there. Local hunters took care of the problem in short order when hunting was once again welcomed in the area…lesson learned.

  5. Ridiculous… I’d have flown out there and done it for free!

    How much you wanna bet these ‘sharpshooters’ were equipped with silencers? Wealthy liberals won’t agree to hunters doing it, nor do they want to know about or hear shooting. See no evil, hear no evil…

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