The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife has issued a Special Wildlife Management Permit to control feral hogs in Deer Management Zones 25 and 65. Hunters do not need a separate permit to pursue hogs. They only need to have their regular hunting license and deer permits necessary to hunt deer during the applicable seasons.

Feral hogs may be pursued during the season dates prescribed for Deer Management Zones 25 and 65 and may be harvested anywhere in Zones 25 or 65. Sportsmen and sportswomen will be permitted to shoot free-ranging feral hogs of either gender and any age while deer hunting during all deer seasons in zones 25 and 65, provided they have not reached the season bag limit for deer. The bag limit for feral hogs is unlimited.

For more information on hunting feral hogs and the requirement to check in harvested hogs, visit on the division’s website.

Logo courtesy New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife

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