Kahr Facebook fans were recently given an opportunity to vote for their favorite gun as part of Kahr’s first Gear up Giveaway. The voting choices included the Kahr PM9, Kahr CM40, Kahr P45 and the Auto Ordnance 1911 PZSE. When the voting was done, Fans chose the Kahr P45.

The contest begins September 1st and runs through October 31st. To enter for a chance at winning the P45, just click on the contest banner on the Kahr Facebook Fan Page and click the LIKE button at the top right of the screen. Fill out the contest form and click SUBMIT to be entered.

The P45 is offered in a black .45 ACP polymer frame with a matte stainless steel slide. It features adjustable white bar dot combat sights and a 3.54ʺ barrel. The P45 operates utilizing a trigger cocking DAO, with lock breech, Browning-type recoil lug and a passive striker block. Overall length is just 6.07ʺ and weighs just 18.5 oz. making it perfect for concealed carry.

Be sure to enter to gear up this fall with the Kahr Facebook Gear up Giveaway. Enter at www.facebook.com/kahrarms.

Image courtesy Gallup Media Marketing/Kahr

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