The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department is reminding hunters that hunting big game over bait is prohibited on all lands.

A person may not establish, utilize, or maintain a bait station when hunting from August 15 to February 1 to attract any big game animal, including wild turkey.

A bait station is a location where grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, hay, minerals, or any other natural food materials, commercial products containing natural food materials, or by-products of such materials are placed or maintained as an attractant to big game animals for the purpose of hunting.

The use of scents alone does not constitute a bait station. In addition, this restriction does not apply to foods that have not been placed or gathered by an individual and result from normal environmental conditions or accepted farming, forest management, wildlife food plantings, orchard management, or similar land management activities.

For more information, contact a local conservation officer or GFP Division of Wildlife Office.

Logo courtesy South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

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