Join Rex Holmes, Jr., the world’s most foremost authority on understanding and utilizing scent, Sept. 20th at the Wildlife Expo Scent Seminar. The event starts at 6 pm and the seminar at 6:30 pm at the Vidalia, LA., Convention Center. The key to getting past the excellent noses of deer and other animals is learning how they disperse, interpret and use scent. A deer has three primary defense mechanisms that he uses for survival–sight, hearing and most importantly, smell. Until now smell has been the least understood and most difficult to fool. Gain knowledge and techniques that will revolutionize how you use scent to your advantage. Learn how scent-control technology becomes your secret weapon, optimizing your hunting experience. Hunter’s will also learn that the myth of “hunting the wind” no longer applies with today’s scent science and technology. Holmes is the CEO of Vapor Trail Scents LLC , an avid outdoorsman’s, and inventor of the revolutionary scent dispenser The Vapor Maker. Holmes’ Vapor Trail Scents company was born out of a need to find a better way to keep animals from detecting a hunter’s scent.  He will also discuss the rut, scent control, the secret to never having to worry about wind direction, and more.

Image courtesy Vapor Trail

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