According to the Washington Post, Lillian Peterson, an 83-year-old woman, was just getting out of Virginia’s Lake Barcroft when she was attacked by a rabid beaver.

The beaver was reported to be over 2 feet long and 35 pounds and equipped with a set of large orange teeth. “Never in the world did I expect anything like this,” said Peterson to ABC News.

Lillian screamed for help and tried to fight off the beaver with her walking stick. The fight lasted 20 minutes before two fishermen came to her rescue.

“It bit me so bad,” Peterson told the Washington Post. “I started kicking it with my other leg, but I wasn’t sure what I would do.”

Peterson suffered serious injuries to her back, arm, leg, and nearly lost a thumb during the fight.

She has vowed never to swim in Lake Barcroft again.


Image courtesy photoluver1 on flickr

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