Free youth fair on Sept. 15

If you’re 15 years of age or younger—and riding in an airboat and learning about duck hunting sounds like fun—you need to be at the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area on the morning of Sept. 15.

Sept. 15 is the day the Utah Waterfowl Association will host its Eighth Annual Youth Fair.

The free event, which includes a free lunch, starts at 8 a.m. Anyone who is 15 years of age or younger can participate. The Division of Wildlife Resources is one of the event’s cosponsors.

In addition to eating lunch and seeing live birds from Tracy Aviary, the following are among the things you can do at the fair:

  • If you’re one of the first 300 youth who attends, you’ll get a free duck call.
  • You can ride in an airboat.  You can also ride in boats that are powered by engines called “mud motors.”
  • Learn how to hunt diver ducks from a layout boat.
  • Learn how to call ducks.  Utah state duck calling champion Brett Wonnacott and Cody King will teach you how.
  • Participate in a duck decoy tossing game.
  • Learn how to fish with a bow and arrow.
  • Learn how to catch bass.

Several groups have come together to make the youth fair happen. They include the Utah Waterfowl Association, Avery, Camp Chef, Delta Waterfowl, Lake Bonneville Layout Boats, Tracy Aviary, the Utah Airboat Association, the Utah Bass Federation, the Utah Bow Fishing Association, the Utah Mud Motor Association, and the Division of Wildlife Resources.


The Farmington Bay WMA is near Great Salt Lake on the west side of Farmington. To reach the WMA, follow these directions:

If you’re traveling north on Interstate 15, coming from Salt Lake City and other areas south of Farmington:

Travel north on I-15, and exit the freeway at Exit 322.  After you exit the freeway, the off ramp will fork left and right—stay to the right. After the road forks, take your first right turn, and continue south on the frontage road to the stop sign on Glover Lane. Turn right on Glover Lane, and follow the road west. Travel to 1325 W. Glover Lane, and turn left into the WMA.


If you’re traveling south on Interstate 15, coming from Ogden and other areas north of Farmington:

Travel south on I-15 and exit the freeway at Exit 325.  Go to the stoplight and turn right on Park Lane. Travel south to the next light, which is at Clark Lane, and turn right. Travel west to the first stop sign, which is at 1525 West, and turn left. Travel south to Glover Lane. Turn left (east) on Glover Lane, and travel to 1325 W. Then turn right into the WMA.

Image courtesy Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

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