GCA President to Tour Europe in Search of Firearm Manufacturing Facilities and Museums to Film for GCA’s GunTech DVD Magazine and Potential TV Show

The Gun Club of America (GCA), the fraternity for firearm enthusiasts, today announced that Gene Kelly, President and Founder of the American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) and the Gun Club of America (GCA), will be touring the world in search of fine firearm manufacturing facilities and museums to visit and film for use in GCA’s GunTech DVD magazine, a monthly magazine sent only to GCA Silver Members. The footage is also intended for use in a potential upcoming television series.

Kelly will be exploring Europe throughout September and October 2012 and is currently scheduled to visit Italy, Germany, Austria, France, the Czech Republic and Great Britain. At this time, Kelly will be touring Chiappa Firearm Manufacturer, the Imperial War Museum in England and more.

The goal of Kelly’s trip to these manufacturers and museums is to unite all people who appreciate firearms by showing the processes through which they are made and revealing what kind of person it takes to design, build and market these guns.

Kelly is in search of companies to tour and film from small, one-man shops to major brands. If your gun factory, company or museum would like to be featured in Kelly’s fact-finding trip, please contact Kathleen Mann at 707-253-7142 or at kmann@epsecuritysolutions.com.

Image courtesy Laura Burgess Marketing/Gun Club of America

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