There is a lot of information out there about Camillus and Western knife brands. Many ask who is Acme United Corporation? We understand. This then is an effort to briefly set the record straight with a short accurate history of what has occurred and what is currently happening with these fine brands.

Acme United Corporation which rescued, revived and owns both Western and Camillus brands also owns several diversified companies specializing in various types of cutting tools from gardening and construction tools and a line of home, office and auto first aid products. Acme is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and AMEX and manufactures and sells products the world over. Acme is also the largest importer of cutting steel in the U.S.

Since Acme is primarily involved in the manufacture of cutting instruments it took a liking to the potential of these two great old brands and bought both in a bankruptcy auction in September 2007 and launched Camillus in 2009; the rest is history. Acme will continue to import various models of high-tech steel knives as do most major brands. In addition the Western brand is now back in force and several fixed blade Camillus models are now completely made in the U.S.A..

Acme is not new to cutlery and their management and overall knowledge of (the cutlery) business will make the decisions that should move these two great old brands to a generation of folks who may only know of them from collector and gun shows. The reestablishment seems to be working as both brands are currently the fastest growing cutlery companies in the U.S. and feature incredibly aggressive pricing.

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