Williamsport, Pennsylvania – Last Saturday at the Original Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Benchrest Club, NRA held one of our last Electronic Target Shooting events of the year. Just off route 14 in the smokey hills of Pennsylvania, shooters gathered to give the latest in Sius Ascor’s portable, wireless, precision target scoring systems. The weather was the first challenge.

“The rain started early that day,” said NRA Range Services Coordinator Eric Whitescarver. “It didn’t leave early, but it did start early.”

Despite the constant transitions from calm to misting to torrential downpour, we waited until the morning tournament was complete. Once the conditions went cold, we ventured out onto the range to set up the electronic target systems.

While some of us set up the targets, others were signing the morning’s competitors up for the shoot. It was an experience many were happy to have.

“I love the instant feedback,” said one Phoenixville shooter. “You don’t get that from the paper targets.”

Under the supervision of NRA staff, participants were offered the opportunity to shoot on targets at 25, 100, 200 and 600 yards. Though pistol and air gun shooters were relegated to the 25 yard target, those with the rifles jumped from the three other stations with great frequency.

“It was good to see the pistol shooters come out too,” said Whitescarver. “They can benefit from these great systems too.”

There are tons of benefits to using an electronic scoring system. No target changes, all weather gear, wireless access and a target that can take a few hundred rounds before you even have to think about replacing it. Just ask the guys who know.

That would Steve and Roy — they’re guys from SIUS. They were also on sight to make sure everything ran smooth … it did. Spending most of their time answering questions about the targets, they were eventually able to slip away for a little plinking of their own. The day, well spent, generated plenty of praise and interest.

“This was a great opportunity,” said one of the morning’s competitors. “I would like to see the club have one here on a permanent basis.”

Images courtesy NRA Blog

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