ATV mud racing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing spectator and racing sports in the nation. Championship Mud Racing (CMR) comes to BamaJam Farms on Sept. 21-23.

BamaJam Farms’ ATV Park located in Enterprise, Alabama, has hundreds of acres of mud bogs and ATV trails. Championship Mud Racing (CMR) owner Clay Wylie knew that partnering with Bamajam Farms would be a win-win situation for everyone from fans, to beginners to the seasoned racer.

“If you have never been to a Championship Mud Racing event you should,” Wylie said, adding it is always the best, most dirty ATV action a spectator or racer will find.

The Sept. 21-23 partnership with the Farms and CMR will take mud racing to another level, because of the seasoned, professionals the CMR team will bring to host the event, with $35,000 in combined cash racing payouts. Bamajam will have a unique track. There will be a one-of-a-kind atmosphere at the Farms provided by John Anderson’s Hillbilly Swingin’ Swimmin’ Hole; a man-made beach and party pavilion; fishing; golf; and plenty of RV hookups and primitive camp sites.

Wylie said the upcoming event provides an opportunity to bring mud racing to south Alabama and helps BamaJam Farms establish itself as a new premiere destination for the sport.

“Mud racing is growing in part because of its diversity. It is a huge sport for families. Children, teens and adults can participate and win prize money,” he said, adding CMR currently holds races in Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas as well as Alabama.

In preparation for the Sept. 21-23 event, BamaJam Farms’ logistics team is building a “B” track and a “J” track. The “B” track is for CMR, which offers 10 divisions, of which three are youth classes. The “J” track is for the Big Cash Bonanza Race, which has six divisions, also with three youth classes.

Race registration is from 9 to 11 a.m., Sept. 22. The CMR race will start racing around noon with staging beginning at 11:30 a.m. After the completion of the CMR points race, there will be a few spectator competitions, then The Big Cash Bonanza race will get under way.

“After racers are registered, brackets will be made to determine the number of racers per heat,” Wylie said. “Typically there are two to four racers per heat. It all depends on the number of racers in each class. Each heat typically lasts about 90 seconds. It is pretty fast-paced, down and dirty racing.”

Wylie said, “Like NASCAR, CMR is a points’ racing series. To participate in the final race of the season, with $18,000 in payouts, racers must register for each class that they plan on competing in, to be eligible for the money after the points are tallied up.”

“A racer does not have to register with the CMR to race at any of our events, unless he or she wishes to compete in the points series for the year end money. ” Wylie said. “As long as racers sign up and pay entries for both the CMR races and the Big Cash Bonanza, he or she can participate in both the ‘B’ and ‘J’ races.”

In between the two races, a Bama Bogg Foot Race and Bama Bogg Belly Flop contest is planned. A $10 entry fee for the foot race gives you an opportunity to win $250, for first place; $100, for second place; $50, for third place; and a chance to be named “The Beast of Bama Bogg.” A $5 entry fee for the belly flop gives you a chance to win $100, for first place; $50, for second place; or $25, for third place.

“The Big Cash Bonanza Race will run under the CMR rules, with the only exceptions being some of the class rules are a little different. Those differences are outlined on our website, There is also a Bounty Hole competition at the upper end of the lake after the main races are over, with a prize of $1,000 to each of the first three people to make it through the treacherous hole.”

Championship Mud Racing stresses the importance of safety during the events and said racers must come with the proper protective gear including long pants (no blue jeans); a long-sleeved racing jersey; DOT approved helmet with safety goggles or glasses, unless helmet has full shield; gloves, and boots above that come above the ankle.

The three-day ticket price for adults is $40. For children ages 5-12, tickets are $20. Children 5 years old and younger are free. Tickets include all access to the water park, entertainment, golf, ATV trails, fishing.Food and beverages are served in the pavilion area and no alcohol is allowed in the racing areas.

More information about the divisions, prizes, and safety rules and regulations as well as tickets can be found at or

Images courtesy of Championship Mud Racing

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