The Association of Collegiate Anglers announced today that it has partnered with BassGold to bring BassGold’s revolutionary new bass patterning tool free to collegiate anglers. is a portable web application that displays decades of tournament-winning pattern information in completely new ways. For example, BassGold bar graphs for a particular lake may show that main lake points, gravel and crankbaits factor in 50%, 30% and 72% of first- through fifth-place finishes.

BassGold users also can see summaries of pattern details, a by-the-month graph of tournament weight averages for a particular water body, and can upload their own pattern information to benefit from the same BassGold tools.

“We’re excited to add BassGold to our growing list of partners who support collegiate anglers through our discounts and incentives program,” said Danny Blandford, ACA program director. “Many of our anglers are data-oriented, and it’s obvious that with 4,000 patterns and growing, BassGold has the best pattern data available. I’m confident our anglers will be pleased with the amazing information they can access via this partnership.”

“We’re happy to see college anglers on limited budgets be able to access and benefit from BassGold,” said company CEO Jay Kumar. “I’m sure they’ll benefit from it and that this will be a two-way street – I’m also sure collegiate anglers will be instrumental in helping BassGold evolve and improve.”

Some of the 4,000-plus patterns in BassGold, covering 350 water bodies, include all the available pattern information from ACA-sanctioned and -affiliated tournaments.

To access BassGold, student anglers must email Danny Blandford at  for the 100% discount code.

Image courtesy BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship Series

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