Wakeboarding usually requires four things: a boat, water, a tow rope, and a wakeboard. However, in this video Devin Graham and his friends use a Jeep to replace the traditional wakeboarding boat. The wakeboarders in this video a towed down a canal by a Jeep Wrangler to get the speed they need to wakeboard. I guess it’s not really wakeboarding without the wake, but you get the point. Check out the video below!


Featured image is a screenshot from user devinsupertramp on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Jeep-towed Canal Wakeboarding

  1. This looks like the beginning of a horror movie – Friday the 13th, Cabin in the Woods, etc.. A few sexy chicks, bunch of jocks, dumb college kids…. where’s the psycho? 🙂 Overall looks like fun, but I’d be wary of taking a plunge to the sides of the canal; a faceplant on the cement wouldn’t be fun.

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