Rod Frederick of Bend, Oregon won the ODFW Habitat Conservation Stamp Art Contest with his painting of a kit fox in the desert. He will receive $3000 and the painting will be used to produce a 2013 collector stamp and other promotional items to benefit Oregon’s native species and habitats.

A total of 47 entries were received, each depicting a mammal  identified in the Oregon Conservation or Oregon Nearshore strategies. Photographs of all entries are posted in the Conservation section of ODFW’s website.

The contest winner was chosen by a panel comprised of: Michael Finley, Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission; Henry Miller, Statesman Journal; Jonathan Soll, Metro; Amanda Rich, The Nature Conservancy; and David Shepherdson, Oregon Zoo.

2012 ODFW Habitat Conservation Stamps on sale now

The Habitat Conservation Stamp allows Oregonians to purchase an annual collector stamp to benefit conservation of Oregon’s native species and habitats. Stamps sell for $40 a year and include a free ODFW Wildlife Area Parking Pass (a $22 value). Revenue will be used for restoration of the native habitats that are home to the state’s fish and wildlife. 2012 Habitat Conservation Stamps are on sale via ODFW’s online sales system and wherever fishing and hunting licenses are sold.

About the Oregon Conservation Strategy

The Oregon Conservation Strategy provides a blueprint and action plan for the long-term conservation of Oregon’s native fish and wildlife and their habitats through a voluntary, statewide approach to conservation. It was developed by ODFW with the help of a diverse coalition of Oregonians including scientists, conservation groups, landowners, extension services, anglers, hunters, and representatives from agriculture, forestry and rangelands.

Mammals identified in the Oregon Conservation and Nearshore strategies

Oregon Conservation Strategy: American marten, California myotis (bat), Columbian white-tailed deer, fisher, fringed myotis (bat), hoary bat, kit fox, long-legged myotis, pallid bat, pygmy rabbit, red tree vole, ringtail, silver-haired bat, spotted bat, Townsend’s big-eared bat, Washington ground squirrel, western grey squirrel and white-tailed jackrabbit. Oregon Nearshore Strategy: Marine mammals: California sea lion, gray whale, harbour porpoise, northern elephant seal, Pacific harbor seal and Steller sea lion.

Logo courtesy Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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