This wasn’t a shotgun wedding, although shotguns and rifles could be found at the ceremony. Not far behind the Seltzer Gun Club in Schuykill County, Pennsylvania, stood a large tree stand that served as the altar for one happy couple to exchange their vows last Saturday.

The bride, groom and entire wedding party were decked out in camouflage, Mossy Oak to be exact. Those not in camo were asked to come dressed casually, quite appropriate for a wedding in the woods.

The banister leading up to the tree stand was decorated with flowers and hunter orange ribbon and spent shotgun shells hung from bouquets.

Speaking on the telephone, the bride, Dana Rossi, 34, told me she arrived at the ceremony in the woods via helicopter. “When the helicopter landed, my dad was there on his four-wheeler and drove me down to the tree stand,” said a giddy Rossi, now Dana Murray.

Dana arrived by helicopter to her wedding. When she landed, her father (pictured) picked her up in a four-wheeler with a deer rack strapped to the front.

Her husband, Brian Murray, 37, said he has always wanted an outdoorsman’s wedding. He is a hunter and fisher who especially loves archery. He’s been hunting whitetail deer, turkey, squirrels and more since he was 12 years old. “Whatever species it is, you name it, I’ll hunt it.” When he’s not hunting, he enjoys the outdoors by trap shooting or taking hikes with his chocolate lab, Brogan.

His wife gladly went along with the wedding theme, although she herself isn’t much of a huntress. She went out for her first time hunting with Brian in 2008, but an unrelated injury prevented her from going out after that.

The couple said everybody present at the wedding loved it. “My kids were thrilled with it!,” Dana said of her 12-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter. Her son, Jacob was given a .22 rifle as a gift at the wedding, while her daughter Taylor was given a heart diamond necklace. Dana said the whole wedding was really laid back although she was hardly laid back when she reminisced about her wedding over the phone. She was absolutely overjoyed.

Images courtesy of Brian Murray

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One thought on “Couple Exchanges Vows at Outdoor, Camouflage Wedding

  1. Congratulations Dana and Brian leave it to you to change the norm. Hope your lives together are as wonderful as the two of you.
    Even though your remarried now you will always be my sister inlaw.

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