Many Mississippians are looking forward to the opening of deer archery seasons during October. During this time of year, many hunters are making final preparations for the upcoming hunting season, including placing and checking deer stands. Since treestand-related accidents are the leading cause of injury in hunting, MDWFP recommends that anyone hunting from an above-ground treestand know how to properly use and wear a full-body harness. Remember the most important part of your hunt is making it home safely to your family and loved ones.

MDWFP urges everyone hunting from an elevated stand to consider these treestand safety precautions:

  • Always use a full-body harness.
  • Read all instructions and watch video included with any treestand or treestand-related product.
  • Carry and know how to use the suspension relief device (SRD).
  • Practice suspension and using the SRD at ground level (with another responsible adult supervising).
  • Inspect treestands and safety equipment each time they are used.
  • Maintain connection to the tree from the time you leave the ground until you return to the ground (life-lines are a great option for fixed-position stands).
  • Make a plan prior to each hunt that includes letting someone know where you will be hunting.
  • Carry an emergency signal device (cell phone or whistle attached to harness).
  • Use a lineman’s belt and the supplied tree strap while hanging a fixed-position stand.
  • Never use tree limbs to climb.
  • Remove all stands from the woods each year and store stands out of the weather.

Logo courtesy Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

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