Technology first, food second. A small black bear cub was caught on camera as it ransacked a picnic area and ran off with a Tupperware container. Just a few minutes earlier, the bear – which angler Jesse Dinkel believes to be the same bear who stole the Tupperware – had made off with a backpack containing his iPad.

Last Saturday, Dinkel was fishing at a lake in San Bernardino, California when he realized a bear had come up to a picnic table behind him and his fishing buddies. He turned only to see it running with Dinkel’s backpack in its mouth. Inside was an iPad and a granola bar, which Dinkel thinks might have attracted the bear.

Other onlookers were giving Dinkel a hard time about the iPad, saying that he would have a hard time proving to his insurance company that a bear stole his iPad. When he saw the bear coming back for more, Dinkel, 44, a theater producer from Yucaipa, took out his camera for video proof.


The iPad thief is still at large. Park rangers were called to the scene, but the bear did not return and rangers couldn’t locate the bear in the woods. Dinkel has since shared his footage with local news station KTLA. There is no further word on the status of the iPad.

Image screenshot of video by dramaguy11 on youtube

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