Crow hunting season opens in Nebraska on Oct. 1. The season runs through Nov. 15, and then reopens Jan. 20 through April 6.

Crows may be hunted statewide with any firearm or archery equipment, and electronic calls may be used. There are no bag or possession limits.

Residents age 16 and above and all nonresidents are required to have a valid hunt permit. Habitat stamps and Harvest Information Program numbers are not required. Permits may be purchased at

Crows are most easily found in the morning on their roosting sights, where several hundred or more may roost in trees. They will begin to leave the roost in smaller groups, heading to feeding grounds, such as a picked cornfield or freshly hayed meadow, along a consistent flight path.

Any 12- or 20-gauge shotgun used for pheasant hunting works well for crows. Use a light to moderate load of Nos. 6-8 shot; a No. 7½ shot works well with a modified choke.

Image courtesy Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

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