When Natalie Foster (CEO/Co-Founder and Editor of the females with firearms focused website Girls Guide to Guns) stopped by NRA headquarters earlier this month, we found out that she is expanding her exposure to the shooting sports. To be more specific, she’s going on her first ever hunt.

“I’m super excited,” said Foster. “There are some really big issues that come up when you hunt for the first time. I want to make sure that I’m a conscience, thoughtful hunter.”

Always the analyst, Foster devoted a few afternoons to researching the subject. One of the highlights for her, as with most, is the meat. But probably not for the reason you’re thinking.

“The food is great, no question about it, but I also discovered a number of groups who donate the meat to local food banks. I definitely want to do that with a portion of my take. It’s a gift, so I want to make sure that I’m not the only one who benefits from the adventure.”

But what really matters, at least to me, is what she plans to hunt. Deer? Elk? Goat? Nope. Not going that direction. Natalie’s first hunt is going to be for hogs. And where better to hunt hogs then in Texas.

“This great ammo company, Dynamic Research Technologies, is helping out with the hog hunt. We’re headed out to West Texas, just south of Wichita Falls, where everything is ready to go.”

Now as fun as a hog hunt might sound, it isn’t exactly the first quarry on her list. No, not for Natalie. She wants to go for alligators.

“I wanted to get a gator first … for a number of reasons,” Foster explained. “A) The meat is extremely healthy. B) They’ve been around forever and C) I have this vision of eating lunch in Beverly Hills when someone comes up and says, ‘Oh my, I love how your boots match your bag’ so I can say, ‘thanks, I killed it myself.'”

With any luck, maybe she can fashion a hog hide belt or jacket out of this one.

If you’re a novice female hunter, or you’re looking for an opportunity to venture out on your first hunt, check out NRA Women On Target Hunting Programs. They have everything kind of hunt from hogs to duck to deers and bobcats lined up over the next few months.

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