In the San Juan Mountains, cutthroat trout have been absent for decades and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Aquatic Researcher Dan Kowalski wants to change that. CPW announced that last week state biologists stocked more than 250 native cutthroat trout in Woods Lake southwest of Telluride. The trout had been captured on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

Habitat loss, poor water quality and the invasive of non-native fish were the contributing factors that led to the demise of cutthroat in western Colorado. Wildlife officials hope that this effort will prevent the species from being listed on the Endangered Species List.

Yet another restoration project is underway near the Durango Mountain Resort.

Watch an informational video about various trout species and how they interact, what has threatened cutthroat trout historically and what is being done to replenish stocks.

Image from Curtis Fry (El Frito) on the flickr Creative Commons

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