Just a few days ago Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was spotted in an Ohio Bass Pro Shops picking up a few pieces of camouflage for his young 10-year-old daughter. He said he plans to go hunting with her this fall in Wisconsin and Oklahoma, where his wife’s family owns property.

“She’s going to get to go hunting this year for the first time,” Ryan told reporters. “She’s 10 years old, so she can hunt starting at 10.” His daughter, Liza, has been waiting anxiously since Christmas to go hunting after she received a Winchester Model 70 chambered in .243 Winchester.

But as of late, we have seen a clean-shaven Ryan who has been making numerous appearances at various rallies, the most recent – a sportsmen’s rally in Ohio on Saturday, the opening day of archery season for deer. For a man who is known to avoid shaving during the season in order to not be sniffed out by highly scent-sensitive deer, the time to hunt is not yet upon him even though firearm deer season starts on November 15 in Wisconsin and November 17 in Oklahoma. Bow hunting season is already in swing in Wisconsin and Oklahoma’s begins October 1.

When Deer and Deer Hunting magazine contacted the Romney campaign to speak to Ryan about his hunting background and experiences, they were granted 15 minutes of the man’s limited time. Still, it served as enough time for Ryan to talk about something that he enjoyed and not explicitly his work and candidacy.

His interviewer, Alan Clemons, the magazine’s southern managing editor predicted that the election’s demands may be too much to juggle hunting as well.

“Paul Ryan’s deer hunting this season most likely will be limited or possibly non-existent, depending on how November’s election turns out. Ryan said he tries to get in some hunting trips on weekends when he’s home in Wisconsin. This autumn, pounding the stump might curtail those quick hunts. Having a Secret Service team hanging around might not help, either.

Sad news for a man who wants to take his children hunting just as much as the next hunter. Yet, he’s still buying camouflage for his daughter, so there may be some hunting thoughts brewing in his head. Undoubtedly, his daughter is crossing her fingers her father will take her out for her first hunt ever this year.

Image from love4utah on the flickr Creative Commons

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One thought on “Does Paul Ryan have Hunting on the Agenda this Fall?

  1. I posted this on Patriot Outdoor News:
    +DeleteFlag as inappropriateMaybe he has his priorities straight and realizes that if he and his partner don’t win they may never get to hunt at all?
    Unlike obummer who has only one priority which supercedes protecting the lives and liberty of American Citizens.
    This was horribly brought home when the total lack of preparation and security resulted in the deaths of a US Ambassador and three other American CITIZENS!
    Doesn’t go to briefings???? Didn’t even use the secure conferencing on Air Force One????????

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