I have seen several videos of firearms being fired underwater recently. It’s really interesting to see how they perform under nonstandard conditions. It’s also really cool to watch the gas expand underwater, but that can be detrimental the the functioning of the firearm and safety. Below are three videos, a Glock 22 and two AR type rifles, being fired underwater. While they look really cool I would highly advise you to not try this yourself. As you can see the in the final video there is a high chance of damaging your firearm and injuring yourself. Enjoy the videos below.


Here is a video of a gas piston AR being shot in a pool.


This video shows what can go wrong when you shoot a waterlogged weapon.


Image courtesy of YouTube User VuurwapenBlog

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3 thoughts on “Video: Firing Guns Underwater, Do Not Try This at Home

  1. It appears the M4 was a gas impingement system versus the piston in the first video. Obviously it makes the difference. You should’ve provided examples of both systems on each test. It would’ve been more accurate. Still it was interesting to see them in action!

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