The salmon population in the Great Lakes is not native, nor is it self-sustaining. Last Fall, Larry Ladowski from Midwest Outdoors took a trip to the Strawberry Creek Salmon Weir to take a look at how the Wisconsin DNR ensures an ample population of this popular game fish for anglers to enjoy. This segment of Midwest Outdoors  features Larry’s trip Strawberry Creek Salmon Weir  .

I’ll be on set with Midwest Outdoors representing in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in a couple of weeks in an attempt to add Great Lakes salmon to my bucket list of catches. I’ll be staying at Blue Harbor Resort on the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s very encouraging to see the work that the Strawberry Creek Salmon Weir is doing to ensure that I, as well as my children and grandchildren, will have an ample supply of salmon to fish in future years.

Below are a few photographs taken by Casey Ladowski. Be sure to watch the video for the narrative that explains the photographs.

Images Courtesy Casey Ladowski

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