Catchable-size trout are being stocked in bodies of water by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to enhance fishing opportunities this fall and winter.

Trout fishing is a great way to introduce children to fishing because simple equipment may be used. A spinning or spin-cast rod and reel with a hook baited with a worm will work well. Add a split shot a couple feet above the hook and a bobber a couple of feet above the split shot. Trout also can be caught with spinners, salmon eggs, dough baits and artificial flies.

The following stocking schedule includes tentative dates and the number of 10-inch trout to be stocked. All fish are rainbow trout, unless otherwise noted:

Sept. 25 – Gracie Creek Pond, 1,000

Week of Oct. 1 – Crystal Cove Lake, South Sioux City, 3,900

Oct. 2 – Standing Bear Lake, Omaha, 4,000

Oct. 3 – Curtis Golf Course Pond, 150; Bessey Pond, Halsey, 300

Oct. 4 – Oxford City Lake, 300; Elm Creek, 1,000

Week of Oct. 8 – Crystal Cove Lake, South Sioux City, 600

Oct. 10 – TaHaZouka Park Lake, Norfolk, 1,500

Oct. 13 – Holmes Lake, Lincoln, 4,000; Bowling Lake (south pond), Lincoln, 400

Oct. 15 – Barnett Park Pond, McCook, 1,000; Lexington City Park, 750; Windmill State Recreation Area (SRA), Gibbon, 2,400

Week of Oct. 15 – Pawnee Park West Pond, Columbus, 1,500; Ord City Lake, 1,500; Ansley Lake, 1,200; David City Lake, 600; CenturyLink Lake, Mahoney State Park (SP), 2,500; Steinhart Pond, Nebraska City, 1,200; Lake Halleck, Papillion, 1,200; Weeping Water Pond, 1,500; Benson Park Pond, Omaha, 1,050; Hartwell Lake, Hastings, 900; Such’s Lake, Grand Island, 1,300; Stanton Lake, Falls City, 200; Pawnee City Pond, 300; Humboldt City Park Lake, 600; Auburn Rotary Club Lake, 1,400

Oct. 16 – Holdrege City Park, 3,000

Oct. 17 – Dismal River, north branch, 500 brown trout; White River, 750 brown trout

Oct. 18 – Grabel Ponds Nos. 1-3, Fort Robinson SP, 800 each; Carter P. Johnson Lake, 1,700

Oct. 19 – Morrill Sandpits: south, 400; north, 1,350; middle, 450; Bridgeport SRA northwest lake, 1,400; Riverside Zoo, Scottsbluff, 900

Oct. 22 – Birdwood Wildlife Management Area, North Platte, 4,000

Week of Oct. 22 – Towl Park Pond, Omaha, 300; Hitchcock Park Pond, Omaha, 450

Oct. 24 – Lake Ogallala, 4,100; Humphrey Pond, Ogallala, 900

Oct. 25 – Lake Ogallala, 5,000

Oct. 26 – Rock Creek Lake, 1,500 rainbow and 1,500 brown trout

Fremont SRA Lake No. 2 and Grove Lake will be stocked with 5,000 and 1,500 trout, respectively, at dates to be determined. Crystal Springs Lakes at Fairbury will receive 1,000 trout in November.

Image courtesy Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

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