Two more food-conditioned black bears were captured and euthanized near Heron over the past week in response to what appears to be an illegal bear feeding issue. These black bears included a 125-pound male (3-4 years old), and a 185-pound male (6-7 years old). The two bears brings the total to seven in the trapping operation, which has now ended.

Heron is located in Sanders County near the Montana/Idaho border. Based on reports and observations, a local resident allegedly fed bears, creating a public safety hazard. FWP set traps for the bears in the immediate area to address the hazard of food-conditioned bears roaming in a residential area. The food sources which attracted the bears were removed. Monitoring has shown no new bears in the area over the past several days.

FWP Warden Captain Lee Anderson noted that Montana Law prohibits feeding of bears and other wildlife. The law states that: “A person may not provide supplemental feed attractants to game animals by purposely or knowingly attracting any cloven-hoofed ungulates, bears, or mountain lions with supplemental feed attractants…”

Anderson said that that FWP will continue to monitor the area. He noted that the case is under investigation, and that FWP is working with the Sanders County Attorney on appropriate charges.

Logo courtesy Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

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