Tyler Krivohlavek of Seward hit 37 of 40 targets to win the 2012 Nebraska High School Silhouette Championships at Pressey Wildlife Management Area south of Broken Bow on Sept. 29.

Haylee Schoenrock of Cortland and Colin Wooldrik of West Point each hit 36 targets to claim the High Girl and High Boy titles, respectively.

In .22-caliber rifle silhouette shooting, each competitor fires 40 shots at small metal targets. Each shoots 10 shots at targets that are 43, 66, 84 and 109 yards in distance.

The annual event is open to all hunter education graduates who are at least 11 years old and have not graduated high school.

Other individual champions were:

Class B – Ben Hier, Cortland, 30; Unclassified – Ethan Bazyn, Broken Bow, 29; Heavy Scope – Tyler Buhr, Adams, 26; Light Iron – Levi Clarke, Berwyn, 25; Light Scope – Austin Russell, Broken Bow, 24; Senior – Ryan Kolman, Beatrice, 22; Junior – Lane West, Merna, 18; First-Time Shooter – Everett Bloom, Pickrell, 17; Heavy Rifle – Deshia Kramer, Litchfield, 8

Team champions were:

4-H – 10X 4-H Club: Tyler Kirvohlavek, Seward; Jared Schleuter, Milford; Kylie Kirvohlavek, Seward; Zachary Schluckebier, Seward, 117X160

Overall – Homestead 4-H Shooters: Haylee Schoenrock, Cortland; Rachael Schoenrock, Cortland; Ben Hier, Cortland; Tyler Parthemer, Beatrice, 128X160

Open – Colin Wooldrik, West Point; Michael Borgelt, Wisner; Tony Bohnet, Atkinson; Brock Maloy, Seward, 92X160

School – Caleb Unich, Mason City; Falicia Shepardson, Mason City; Tanner Snow, Litchfield; Nathan Siegel, Litchfield, 88X160

Image courtesy Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

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