“We’re huge supporters of what Scholastic Steel Challenge is trying to do,” says Britt Lentz, operations manager for Next Level Training (NLT). To that end, NLT is helping underwrite the cost of getting NLT laser training pistols to all the Scholastic Steel Challenge (SSC) coaches in the United States.

Invented by “Top Shot” shooter and USPSA Grand Master Mike Hughes, the “SIRT” training pistol exactly emulates the Glock 17. Firearms instructors of every stripe have adopted the SIRT with enthusiasm.

“I don’t want to teach without one,” says SSC Director and championship coach Robin Taylor. “A SIRT explains sight picture and trigger control in ways that words and pictures just can’t. They’re so useful for teaching, I want all our coaches to be able to afford one of these.”

Law Enforcement instructors have jumped on the SIRT since its introduction, as it gives them a way to teach advanced gun handling skills in 100% safety, without live ammunition.


Once an SSC team posts a team score on the SSC website, SSC coaches can use their SCSA club code for a one-time purchase at less than half price. After the initial pistol, NLT will extend dealer-level pricing to coaches, a savings of roughly 35%.

Initial purchase:
The basic $219 SIRT Performer Student = $99.
The deluxe $439 SIRT 110 Pro = $199.

To learn more about the program, visit www.ScholasticSteelChallenge.com or contact SSC Director Robin Taylor directly at robin@steelchallenge.com. To learn more about the SIRT, go to www.nextleveltraining.com.

Image courtesy Next Level Training

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