Experts say there are a few crucial things you need to survive when stranded in the wild. Water, shelter and the will to live are among those things. But what about a healthy competition? That’s part of Bear Grylls’ newest TV series set to air on NBC in the summer of 2013.

The survival series Get Out Alive will feature four contestants in two teams competing against each other to survive in the wild through tests and challenges set forth by the show’s producers. Grylls told Entertainment Weekly, “the goal is to empower people with the ultimate in both survival and teamwork, and that brings incredible reward — but first there must be some pain.”

NBC has already ordered eight episodes of the series. It will be co-produced by Bear Grylls Ventures as well as the entertainment production company Electus, founded by Ben Silverman.

Grylls is best known for his six-year Discovery Channel series Man vs. Wild. Its last episode aired in March 2012 after Grylls severed his ties to the channel over a reported contract dispute. This new series will be his next foray into the world of survival television.

View a clip from an episode of Man vs. Wild below to see what Grylls’ show looked like.


Image from Staff Sgt. Raymond Drumsta/New York National Guard on the flickr Creative Commons

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