The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has partnered with the city of Leitchfield to provide a great fishing opportunity at James D. Beville Park Lake.

The 3.1-acre lake is now enrolled in the Fishing in Neighborhoods (FINs) program. The FINs program, which began in 2006 with five lakes, now includes 39 lakes in 24 counties. The goal of the program is to provide quality fishing opportunities near cities of all sizes throughout the commonwealth. These lakes are great places to make a quick getaway, relax and catch a mess of fish. They also are great places to take the family fishing without traveling far from home.

The lake will receive three annual stockings of rainbow trout and four yearly stockings of channel catfish.

Since trout prefer cold water, the department stocks them during the cool months of October, February and March. The department stocks catfish during the warmer months of March, April, May and August.

James D. Beville Park Lake will receive its first stocking of 500 rainbow trout Oct. 11. An additional 500 rainbow trout will be stocked in both February and March. Rainbow trout will average 9-12 inches long. A total of 2,400 channel catfish will be stocked annually beginning in March 2013. Catfish will be 12-16 inches long and average 1 pound each.

Additionally, lakes containing sunfish and bass will be managed and stocked as necessary. Check the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website for the complete list of lakes, exact stocking dates, license requirements and directions to each lake. The site also has a place for you to submit pictures of your catch. Just go online to to get the latest information.

Daily limits for each angler fishing a FINs lake includes five rainbow trout, four catfish, one largemouth bass over 15 inches and 15 bluegill or other sunfish. Regulations apply for both lakes in the park. A statewide fishing license is required for anglers who are 16 and older. Licensed anglers who want to keep their trout must have an additional trout permit. The trout permit is included in the $5 senior license for those anglers age 65 and older, as well as the sportsmen’s license.

By purchasing a fishing license and trout permit you are helping fund fisheries management and the FINs program.

A great fishing opportunity is just minutes away. So grab a pole, wet a line and we’ll see you at the lake.

Logo courtesy Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

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