The saying goes, ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ – this includes the turkeys as well! Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor television for the American Sportsman, brings viewers a must see turkey hunt on Savage Outdoors. Hosts Mike Stroff and Jamie Satterfield return to Turkey Fest World Championship to defend their 2011 championship on the Parker Ranch in Clay County, Texas. The game of hunting is unpredictable at best and so is bringing in turkeys; however, with luck and skill on their side, Savage Outdoors is pushing for another ‘title’ in Texas – only this time there is a curveball thrown into the equation! Watch Thursday Trailblazers presented by Federal Premium Ammunition with Savage Outdoors on October 11 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

In a sense, the 2012 Turkey Fest is déjà vu for Stroff and Satterfield. The hunting ranch, windy/rainy conditions and challenges are all the same as the previous year. This time around the challenges of harvesting a big gobbler take the guys down to the wire. Day one and two are successful from a calling perspective, however; the men struggle to bring in the bird of their dreams because of the tall grass and windy conditions. The final day arrives; its crunch time and the men deliver! The team decides to split up to around 100 yards and it pays off. After spotting and calling, Stroff spots the turkey and connects on a huge bird.

“When we approached the gobbler, I thought we won our second championship,” said Stroff, co-host of Savage Outdoors. “There is only one problem, the turkey only has one spur and when scoring a turkey they measure both spurs. Had this turkey grown a second spur, we would have won the title again. This bird has the second longest beard of the championship and it is the heaviest and had the longest spur. I have never harvested a turkey in my life with only one spur and to do it the first time at the Turkey World Championship when trying to defend or title makes it tough to swallow.”

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