Redemption after a 2011 second-place finish was on the minds of a couple anglers from Akwesane during the fourth annual Berkley B1 Bass Open. With a complete field of 150 teams, the event took place on Lake St-Francis in southwestern Quebec with tremendous success. The team of PJ Burns and Norman King claimed the event with 23.51 pounds of smallmouth. Anchoring the winning teams winning weight was a 5.24-pound bass.

“It was really tough coming in 2nd place last year, even though we knew we did our best,” said Burns. “We stuck to our game plan and fished our strengths. Patience prevailed, and we look forward to sharing our experiences and passion as B1 champions for the next year.”

To win the tournament, the duo hit hard a single sand bank emerging from deeper water with significant current.

In 2009, organizers set out to create the ultimate platform to showcase the best bass anglers in Canada. Not only did the inaugural Berkley B1 deliver this, but it also created an unforgettable experience for the thousands of fishing enthusiasts and competitors who were there to witness it.

“This is one of the greatest ways to promote what great bass angling is in Canada,” said Andrew Marks, Berkley Fishing Senior Marketing Manager. “Berkley B1 showcases the unbelievably talented bass anglers in Canada. The Berkley B1 tournaments are a big draw for the newcomers to the serious anglers.”

From the tension on the hot seats to the pouring of the champagne, the Berkley B1 succeeded in accomplishing exactly what it was intended to do. Namely, to gather the best bass anglers in Canada and conduct the ultimate shoot out.

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