Fishhound,, one of the fastest-growing membership-based websites and leading provider of real-time fishing reports, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. The partnership will expose Fishhound’s members to the Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits brand, including the new Kinami PsychoDad soft-plastic crawdad, to help maximize brand awareness and loyalty, generate earned media and increase sales. Yamamoto’s baits will receive unprecedented online exposure at and Fishhound’s incredibly active Facebook page, as well as through the Fishhound Product Showcase and Field Testing Program.

“Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits’ selection of Fishhound as its platform for product and content marketing is a testament to the program we’ve built and the success that our partners have experienced,” said Rick Patri,’s vice president, operations. “We can create more brand awareness and earned media for companies than anyone else in the business.”

According to Yamamoto, Fishhound is the perfect platform to generate viral online buzz. “They’re the new face of today’s angler and they connect with those anglers in a way no one else can,” said Ron Colby, Yamamoto’s vice president of operations. “Fishhound’s got the right audience of anglers and its marketing platform caters to the way social media has changed consumer buying.”

Colby added: “Fishhound members will get to experience firsthand how our baits put fish in the boat, and members will share their successes with the rest of this highly interactive online community. It’s one thing for a company or paid pro to tell fishermen how great a lure performs, but when it comes to convincing others about the effectiveness of a bait, you can’t beat unbiased testimonials from actual anglers. And with Fishhound, those testimonials build and endure within a reference space that can potentially impact millions of buying decisions.”

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