Vermont’s popular shotgun and archery fall turkey hunting starts this Saturday, October 20 in selected wildlife management areas (WMUs).

Shotgun or bow and arrow: October 20-28 in WMUs B, D1, D2, G, H1, H2, I, J1, J2, L, M1, M2, O1, O2, P, and Q

Shotgun or bow and arrow: October 20-November 4 in WMUs F1, F2, K1, K2, and N

Last year, hunters took 476 turkeys in 147 Vermont towns during fall hunting seasons. Wildlife Management Unit D2 reported the highest number of fall birds with 62 taken, followed by WMU D1 with 45 birds and B and H1each reporting 43. These numbers were lower than previous years due to widespread seed and nut abundance in the forest which resulted in the turkeys being more difficult to locate. This year, the amount of fall nuts is less and so turkeys are much more visible as they feed in fields for vegetation and insects.

This year, hunters took 4,713 turkeys on youth weekend and during the May 1-31 season for bearded turkeys, which are almost always males.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department tracks the abundance of turkeys using harvest data, nesting success provided by turkey brood surveys, winter severity, and hunter pressure based on license sales. Results of this year’s brood surveys conducted by staff as well as volunteers, indicate that poult production was higher than most years which should result in turkey hunters seeing higher numbers of turkeys this fall. Vermont’s wild turkey population is healthy and estimated to be slightly less than 50,000 birds.

A detailed report on 2011 turkey hunting results listing the number of birds taken in each town is available on Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s website ( Under Hunting and Trapping, click on Big Game, and look under Big Game Harvest Reports.

Vermont hunting licenses are sold on their website and at license agents statewide. If you have questions, please contact Vermont Fish & Wildlife at or Tel. 802-241-3700.

Logo courtesy Vermont Fish and Wildlife

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