In a time of economic contraction and bad news for many businesses, many American gun companies have been bucking the trend and experiencing skyrocketing stock values and steadily increasing demand. Ruger is one such corporation that has undergone positive growth in the past several years, and Forbes has announced that the company now holds fourth place on the publication’s list of the Best Small Companies in America.

But some may be surprised to learn that little over a decade ago, Ruger was struggling. What factors led to such a massive turnaround in recent years for the company, and for the industry as a whole? Forbes capital markets reporter Abram Brown has written an excellent profile of the company and one of its unconventional leaders, highlighting the successful practices of one of the outdoor world’s most recognizable names.

Read the full Forbes profile of the company written by Abram Brown here.

Image from Stephen Z (~Steve Z~) on the flickr Creative Commons

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