“I could not sit idly by and listen to such irrational prejudice and slander.” said Paul Markel, producer and host of Student of the Gun.  “We are trying to combat the hate-speech and prejudice put out during the Presidential Debates this week. And so, we hereby declared Thursday, October 18, 2012 to be National Hug your AK Day.”

“We encourage free Americans and citizens nationwide to take a moment and hug their AK.  If you don’t have an AK to hug, hug your Stoner or Garand.  Find someone who does have an AK and offer to join them in a group hug.”

Markel continued, “While you are hugging your favorite Kalashnikov take a moment to consider all the AK’s that have been slandered, libeled, and the targets of hate-speech by self-serving politicians and their sycophant accomplices in the media. Assure your AK that you will do your very best to guard and protect it from such misguided hate and prejudice.”

Image courtesy Student of the Gun

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