There were four wolves taken in the first 24 hours of Wisconsin’s state-managed wolf hunt that began October 15. The last of the four first-day wolves was taken at 6:15 pm on Monday by Dennis Nitz of Boyd, Wisconsin who was hunting from a natural blind with his wife. He had been one of the lucky few who managed to simply get a permit to hunt the predator. Out of 20,272 permit applications, Nitz was one of 1,160 whose name was drawn in a computerized lottery to partake in the hunt.

He had taken the first day of the season off of work and posted up in a circular blind of discarded treetops in the Eau Claire County forest, according to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. He played a rabbit-in-distress recording to attract the wolves and less than an hour-and-a-half later, a wolf had presented himself broadside to Nitz at about 47 yards away. He took his shot and successfully harvested the animal, sending the carcass to the DNR for testing per requirements and the pelt to a taxidermist for a life-sized mounting.

He put up a photograph of his kill on Facebook that same night and it didn’t take long before he started receiving death threats. In fact, only minutes passed before he received his first death threat.

Nitz thinks it’s because of the controversy surrounding the wolf hunt that has a lot of people heated and angry for taking on a wolf hunt so soon after the gray wolf was delisted in the state. Nitz had become interested in hunting for wolves a few years back after a successful career of hunting coyotes.

“It might have been my only chance, I don’t know,” Nitz told the Journal Sentinel. “For me, this was the ultimate hunting opportunity in Wisconsin. These are the top predators and their population is growing and needs to be controlled.”

He had already looked into wolf hunting opportunities with guides in Alaska and Canada before the opportunity presented itself in his home state. Yet, his hunt was not in vain. As a requirement, Nitz had to give up the carcass for study to the DNR before he can take home a mount of the long-awaited predator.

Image from Bob Haarmans on the flickr Creative Commons

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14 thoughts on “Instead of Congratulations, Death Threats Come to Successful Wisconsin Wolf Hunter

  1. Wow people like us ( Hunters, Gun owners, all around good American) would be thrown in jail for doing something like that. Yet they let these sniveling liberals make death threats to us whenever they want!

  2. I agree with Jdrn. Biden’s statement about bullets aimed at us, is just a joke to the Libtards. But, if S Palin would have said it, the press would be getting everyone in a panic about us horrible gun owners shooting politicians.

  3. My congratulations. Drawing a permit out of 20,000 + applicants is a feat in itself, but to then get the trophy, indeed lucky. As for Ralph, what do Jokin Joes comments have to do with this article?

  4. Don’t dismiss those threats. These people believe that animals have more “rights” than people and they have been known to violent in the past. Let’s hope that law enforcement takes the threats seriously, hunt these idiots down, (pun intended) and arrest them. They need to know we are serious about our hunting heritage and won’t be intimidated.

  5. I’ve been a wolf supporter most of my life and I believe we have done a pretty remarkable job throughout the USA, in our efforts to prevent the extermination of the
    King of Dogs (so to speak). Overpopulation of any species is not a good thing; the lottery to win a permit and the program being run to control the population sounds quite fair. It would be nice if humans could learn to control their overpopulation issues, before they begin holding lotteries for permits on our lives as we get older. . . . . . . .

  6. Wow, what happened to hate speech, et al? I live in North Idaho where the Feds “reintroduced” grey wolves where they never were native. So much for the indigenous species line. These dummies rarely even step into the real wild and yet they are going to tell us country folk how it is. We are trapping, shooting and poisoning the wolf every chance we get. Surprise!!! Elk are bugling again and the deer herd has rebounded. Let “nature” run its’ course and ethical sportsmen use the resource God provided. All you tree huggers and animal wackos who live closer to Starbucks than a tree leave the rest of us the hell alone!!! Cheers from a successful wolf wacker.

  7. these idiot issuing death threats are the same people who think nothing of murdering doctors who perform abortion thinking they are doing gods work, be very aware of your surrounding and ready to defend yourself at all times.

  8. Wish I would get those death threats, I have probably killed 30 or 40 wolves in my lifetime up in Alaska and I will probably kill 50 or 80 more before I die. I look at it this way, a wolf is a helluva lot smarter than any liberal wolf-hugger (just ask Tim Treadwell about Brown bears..oops! he turned out to be a snack). So if you can successfully harvest a wolf taking out a liberal wolf hugger hellbent on killin you is like jumpin rope.. too easy. My name is Jeff, I live in Moose Creek Alaksa, I am 6 foot 3, I drive a Blue Ford F150, I carried concealed every day, I go to work at 0630 hrs and return to an EMPTY house by 1900 hrs. I am usually sleeping by 2200 hours.. Please come by and we can see just what sort of grit your made off, always wanted to do a 3/4 mount of an Animal Liberation Front Domestic Terrorist.

    Army Ranger

    1. Beat on your chest some more there Tarzan to show your manliness. Due to your idiotic diatribe, you’ve shown how uneducated you truly are.

  9. Be armed at all times people! The liberal loonies are predators themselves and they need to be thinned out along with coyotes and wolves!

  10. hmm… no disclosure of the nature of the threats or discussion of how they were handled, by say, reporting this to the police? makes it a little difficult to believe.

  11. I don’t understand why anybody would want to kill such a beautiful animal. And they are more intelligent than a lot of humans – and posters.

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