The Department of Natural Resources today announced that new, free hunting and fishing licenses will be available for disabled veterans beginning in March.

House Bill 5292, signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder earlier this week, will allow a disabled veteran to obtain any resident hunting or fishing license for which a lottery is not required, free of charge. The veteran will be required to provide proof of eligibility and carry this proof when using any license obtained under this legislation. Under provisions of the law, the new licenses become available at the beginning of the next license year, which is March 1, 2013. The licenses cannot be obtained before that date.

The law defines “disabled veteran” as a resident who either:

  • has been determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to be permanently and totally disabled as a result of military service and entitled to veterans’ benefits at the 100-percent rate, for a disability other than blindness; or
  • is rated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as individually unemployable.

“Providing free licenses for disabled veterans is just a small token of our deep gratitude for their sacrifice for all of us,” said Denise Gruben, manager of licensing and reservations for the DNR. “We want veterans to be full participants in outdoor sports. We’re pleased to make these licenses available to qualifying veterans beginning next March under this new law.”

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One thought on “New Michigan Law Gives Disabled Veterans Free Hunting and Fishing Licenses Beginning in March 2013

  1. Other states do a MUCH better job of taking care of there vets. Not just the 100 % disabled. They have a scale for the ones that are 60,50,40,30,20% disabled. Property taxes, hunting licenses, vehicle taxes . State of Michigan says no thanks to those vets who were hurt but not hurt enough. Thank you Michigan for supporting your Veterans. My advice if your a Vet move to a different state.

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