Much fuss was made across the gun and general tech geek communities when Japan’s Marudai Corporation released its allegedly bulletproof iPhone case, claiming it could take a hit from a .50 caliber bullet and keep your smartphone intact. Speculation and debate had reigned, with many skeptical as to whether the case could actually withstand such a powerful round.

Enter renowned YouTube thing-destroyer RatedRR, who uploaded a new video in his “Tech Assassin” series earlier this month that finally put the case to the test against a Barrett M82A1. Watch the video embedded below to see the results!


If you liked that clip, be sure to check out more of RatedRR’s videos on his channel. We particularly enjoyed his HK MP7 vs Samsung Galaxy S III video.

Image is a screenshot from RatedRR on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Bulletproof iPhone Case Put to the Test

  1. Wow, that’s crazy. I would buy the case for protection as it was amazing that it didn’t blow out .
    Wonder if the case affects the reception?

  2. Do they send that iPhone to you as well? If so, what would it look like if that .50 cal hit the screen side? Super slow mo shot would be cool to see. Nice video though!!

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