Rick and Julie Kreuter, producers and co-hosts of the popular Beyond the Hunt television series, have contracted with MOOSE Media to expand a variety of brand initiatives, including advertising, licensing and endorsement opportunities.

The Kreuter’s television progression – becoming best known and respected national outdoors personalities in just six years – features an interesting backstory that begins with Rick, as a boy of seven, tracing his father’s boot tracks in the mountains near their home in bucolic Sundance, Wyoming. During the ensuing years Rick would study traditional archery, become a college scholarship athlete, a physical therapist and the owner of RK Outfitters, specializing in bowhunts for western big-game.

Julie grew up on the Nebraska cattle ranch owned by her family, working summers as a ranch hand. She, too, went on to earn a college degree in physical therapy. Now highlight the crossroad of “college” and “physical therapy certifications” and marriage follows for Rick and Julie Kreuter.

The Kreuter’s big break in television entertainment would come years later when Mark and Terry Drury included Team Nebraska (Rick and Julie) for the inauguration of the brother’s acclaimed Dream Season “Couples” series. “Most folks remember us from that great experience,” said the proud husband, “and that opportunity only increased our passion for the outdoors.

“For sixteen years my goal had been to be the best outfitter there was,” Kreuter continued. “Then Mark, Terry and Dream Season widened the scope of the journey. Julie wanted that, too, because television was something we could do together. So, Beyond the Hunt became a real blessing that Mark and Terry deserve much of the credit for. And maybe the top honor of all was when Drury Outdoors sponsored our show. I always appreciated that as a serious investment for their company, but it was a huge vote of confidence for us and a powerful endorsement in recruiting additional partners for Beyond the Hunt.”

Featured at 8:00 p.m. Thursdays Q3-4 on the Outdoor Channel, Beyond the Hunt is one of the most commercially successful outdoors shows on television. It currently helps drive 25 brands, including: Mossy Oak, PSE, Carbon Express, Rage, Nu-Fletch, IQ Bowsights, Hornady, Benjamin, Cuddeback, Tink’s, Legacy Quest, Nikon, Bobcat, Trufire, Block, GlenDel, Outdoor Channel, Caldwell Shooting Supplies, Ammunition to Go, Bullet Bunker, Doc’s Wildlife Blend, Ol-Man, Traditions and Marathon.

“Julie and I are extremely excited to join with MOOSE Media,” said Kreuter. “The direction of MOOSE meets our direction; the humility, the sense of appreciation for blessings and the integrity feels like home, like who we are and strive to be. We’re moving ahead with good people, covered from all sides.”

Image courtesy Moose Media/Beyond the Hunt

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