Lone Wolf Treestands has recently been made aware that rejected Lone Wolf product originally produced overseas sometime in 2010 is currently being made available for sale by XOP, Inc. of Dubuque, IA.  All goods being sold by XOP as Lone Wolf product failed to meet Lone Wolf Treestands’s standards and were rejected by Lone Wolf Treestands.  Therefore, these rejected products are in no way warrantied or supported by Lone Wolf Treestands. Lone Wolf Treestands will not be held liable for any damages incurred by those choosing to purchase or use the rejected product being sold by XOP, Inc. as Lone Wolf product.

The products in question can be identified by their gray stand straps and black stand tubing.  The products are being sold unboxed and without fall-arrest systems.  The tree stand products do NOT meet TMA standards for sale.

Product models within the rejected inventory being sold by XOP may include: Alpha Hang On Stand (LW-AHO), Assault Hang On Stand (LW-ASHO), Elite Hang On Stand (LW-EHO), Mini-Climbing Stick 1-pc (LW-MCS1), Mini-Climbing Sticks 3-pcs (LW-MCS3), Climbing Sticks 1-pc (LW-CS1), Climbing Sticks 3-pcs (LW-CS3), Climbing Sticks 4-pcs (LW-CS4).

All warrantied Lone Wolf products are sold complete with Fall-Arrest Systems, instructions and include brown straps and brown stand tubing.  Each warrantied Lone Wolf stand is sold in its model-specific box, clearly marked by UPC code and identified as being Made in the USA.

Image courtesy Lone Wolf

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